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Travel the world and explore.

Travel the world and explore. It's as simple as that. But sometimes you need some help; sometimes you want to know if you have to go left or right. At this moment 5hundred2 Travel is here to help you, we will show you where to go.

We at 5hundred2 Travel are a small online publishing house, and we love to travel and explore the world. For you, the frequent international traveller we publish this independent digital travel magazine. We specialize in urban

We wont to give you an opportunity to get the most out of your travelling by giving you the most exciting places to explore on your trips. Inspire you to visit new destinations. We would be dignified if you would share your fantastic travel stories on our platform for the rest of the world to enjoy.

We all are going to visit the major tourist attractions in a city or country when we travel. We would like to give you the insider tips on how we managed the crowds and to make it the best experience ever. But there are also many hidden and unexplored exciting places at your travel destination. Visiting these hidden gems make your trip even more special.

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The world is a really big place, and there are so so many places we haven't visited yet. We will love it if you join us as a travel writer or photographer if you would like to share your travel story with our readers.

We love first-person experiences in a narrative style. You don't have to be an award-winning novelist to be published with us. We much more appreciate an original article showing your love and passion for travelling.

Because "a picture or video is worth a thousand words" we like all you photographers to join us as well. Share your amazing shots and video to inspire our readers to travel.

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