Make your Downton Abbey dream come true

Highclere Castle in Hampshire the castle used in Downton Abbey

UK | Stay Patrick | Thursday, September 18, 2019 Thank you Airbnb for the image Contact Niagara We all know the Netflix hit series Downton Abbey and if you don’t, I think it’s time to watch the British period drama. But now there is a movie as well. The movie was released on September 12. Because of this occasion, you … Read More

Niagara Falls has turned into a winter wonderland

Niagara Falls partly frozen. Lots of snow and an little house

USA | Weather Patrick | Thursday, January 24, 2019 Thank you Theodore for the image Contact Niagara Falls USA Contact Niagara Falls Canada It’s cold in the North East part of the United States. It’s so cold that part of the Niagara Falls has frozen. Visiting the Niagara Falls under normal circumstances is impressive because of its size and the … Read More

Cairo turns orange because of sandstorm

A sand storm turns the sky orange and the swimming pool in the front is empty. The image has been taken in Cairo Egypt.

Egypt | Weather Patrick | Thursday, January 17, 2018 Thank you @ambientacionesfercernadas for the image About Egypt A massive sandstorm in Egypt made everything orange in the huge metropole Cairo. The orange cloud swept through the city, making the Cairo skyline invisible. It gave people the feeling that they were living on Mars. The storm came with winds that rushed … Read More

The stroopwafel is back on United airlines

A cup of coffee and a Dutch stroopwafel on a United Airlines flight in economy class

USA | Weather Patrick | Tuesday, January 1, 2018 Thank you Theodore for the image Contact American Airlines Contact Daelmans Stroopwafels United Airlines introduced the stroopwafel on their menu in 2016. The Dutch cookie traditionally is served in The Netherlands over a cup of hot coffee or tea so that the caramel in the cookie gets nice and chooey. It … Read More