Oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam

Houses in the Begijnhof in Amsterdam. In the middle you see the oldest wooden front house that is still standing in Amsterdam. The image was taken on a sunny winter morning.

Daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam can be found in the centre of Amsterdam at 34 Begijnhof. Just behind the busy shopping street ”De Kalverstraat” and in between the Amsterdam Museum and Spui square. The house was built in 1420 and is still standing proud. It is one of only two wooden … Read More

Bones underneath Paris streets

Bones and sculls arranged in a decorative pattern in the underground network of Les Catacombes in Paris France.

Address Web: Les Catacombs Just beneath the heart of Paris, there is a world of underground most of us would not expect; it’s called Les Catacombes. Approximately 20 meters under the ground there is a vast network of tunnels that have been made, to extract the limestone needed to build mega-projects for that time like the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Louvre … Read More

Walters Coffee Roastery Istanbul

Just like in breaking bad the man in the yellow jump suit will start cooking. He will cook coffee

Walters Coffee Roastery, the Breaking Badd coffee lab in Istanbul. Breaking Bad, have you heard about or watched this tv show? I don’t think there are many people in this world at haven’t seen or heard of the hit series Breaking Bad. But if you haven’t heard about it, it’s about the high school teacher Walter White that has incurable … Read More

Vintage fashion at the Kloffie Market

travel amsterdam shop kloffie markt logo

De Hallen AmsterdamHannie Dankbaarpassage 471053 RT AmsterdamThe NetherlandsMap: De Hallen Amsterdam Web: De Hallen AmsterdamFacebook: De Kloffie MaktInstagram: De Kloffie Makt Sat 12:00 – 18:00Only one a month, what to know when check there facebook page. Wondering where to go shopping the next time your visiting Amsterdam? I know where you could go, once a month at “De Hallen” in Amsterdam … Read More

Rijksmuseum is a must see.

travel amsterdam museum rijksmuseum When its almost 5 and youre alone with Rembrandts Night Watch

Address Museumstraat 11071 XX AmsterdamAmsterdamThe NetherlandsMap: Rijksmuseum Contact Tel: +31 20 6747000Web: Rijksmuseum.nlFacebook: RijksmuseumInstagram: Rijksmuseum Opening time Mon – Sun 09:00 – 17:00To be sure check out their website The Rijksmuseum, a must see when you visit Amsterdam. The world-famous museum opened its doors in 1800, not in Amsterdam but in The Hague. Acht years later it moved to Amsterdam. In … Read More

Feel like some banana cake?

Travel Amsterdam Toki cup of coffee new york times sunglasses spoon

Event Binnen Dommersstraat 151013 HK AmsterdamThe NetherlandsMaps: Toki Event Tel:+31 20 3636009Web: tokiho.amsterdamFacebook: TokiInstagram: Tokiho.amsterdam Event Mon – Fri 07:30 to 18:00Sat – Sun 09:00 to 18:00To be sure check out their website. Toki is a fantastic and relaxed coffee spot with some pretty good banana cake just around the corner from the Haarlemerstraat. It’s an ideal place to hang … Read More