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The world is a very big place

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Traveling the Urban World

Travelling is about seeing the world we live in. We think visiting cities is the best way to meet the people that live around this world. We love to show you the fantastic places we have visited and share with you how you can have a tremendous experience on your next trip. So pack your bags and start travelling. Your next urban travel adventure is waiting for you.

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Facts about the World

  • Monaco is small, we all know that. But did you know it was smaller than Central Park in New York City.
  • Dubai likes to build super high skyscrapers. They can do this because they own 20% of the cranes in the world.
  • The second oldest tree in the world has it's home in Iran. It's 4000 years-old.
  • We all have a smartphone, and we love to take selfies. All of us take around 65000 selfies every minute.
  • China has five time zones, but the whole country is on Beijing time.
  • The distance from earth to the moon is roughly the same distance as the total length of all the coastlines of the world. 350016km.
  • On the North Pole, there is no land. Only ice on top of the sea.
  • The town that has the name "A" is in Norway.
  • The Isle of Sarks is part of the Channel Islands. They don't have cars, street lamps or outdoor lighting on this island.
  • In 60 seconds a lot can happen. 56 pieces of luggage will get lost, 2174 travellers will arrive at a foreign country, and 250000 UDS will be spent by Americans abroad.
  • In the small country San Marino there are more cars than inhabitants.
  • The country with the most islands in the world is Finland. They have 180000 of them.
  • The country with the most desert is Libya, 99% is covered with desert sand.
  • The planet Pluto is smaller than the country Russia.
  • New York City is located more south than Rome.
  • France covers more time zones than any other country. They go from UTC +12 to UTC -10.

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Practical Information

Dangers & Annoyances

The world is a big place, some parts of this world aren't too safe to travel to. Most of the big cities are relatively safe, but you can't stop thinking, you will have to use your common sense and take care of your self. Here are a couple of government websites that will advise you on how safe your next travel destination is.

If you do find your self in trouble get in contact with your nearest embassy or consulate.


Don't leave home without it, it doesn't cost a lot, and a serious accident can leave you with a 100k or higher hospital bill.


There is a postal service everywhere in the world, and it's always nice for loved once at home to receive a postcard from one of your exotic city trips. In some countries, it's straightforward to find colourful postcards and stamps, and in other countries, it can be a bit of a challenge. But take the effort. I'm sure it will be appreciated.