The stroopwafel is back on United airlines

A cup of coffee and a Dutch stroopwafel on a United Airlines flight in economy class

The stroopwafel is back on United airlines

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Patrick | Tuesday, January 1, 2018

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How Google search results takes away your airplane snack.

United Airlines introduced the stroopwafel on their menu in 2016. The Dutch cookie traditionally is served in The Netherlands over a cup of hot coffee or tea so that the caramel in the cookie gets nice and chooey. It was considered a great free perk in the time that airlines were undressing their service to the bare minimum in economy class.

In the middle of 2018, United decided to get rid of the stroopwafel and introduce a maple wafer. The maple wafer is I think a cheaper ripoff from the nummy Dutch stroopwafel.

United looked at Google search results. They found out that the maple wafer was more often googled than stroopwafel. And everybody knows, Google is always right. So the maple wafer was in, and the stroopwafel out.

This was a big big mistake. Social media exploded with outrage. Frequent flyers of United saying; shame on you for getting rid of the stroopwafel. Serving the stroopwafel in economy class is one of the reasons why I fly United.

Tomato juice also nearly gone.

The removal of the stroopwafel was not the only menu change that made their passengers unhappy. Sometime before the stroopwafel gate, United thought it would be a good idea to get rid of tomato juice. A bad idea. Everybody knows the only time someone drinks tomato juice is in an aeroplane. Removing this from the menu would make tomato juice lose its purpose of existence.

But the good thing about United Airlines is that it's listening to its customers. So the in The Netherlands produced Stroopwafel will be returning. On Twitter, the airline announced that the caramel that is pressed between two waffles would be served again on their flights. From January 2018 on all domestic flight departing before 09:45 the small bit of Dutch heaven will be served again.

Will the stroopwafel stay on the menu?

We all hope the Dutch stroopwafel will be the snack that will stay on the menu. But we can learn from United Airlines Tweet that the stroopwafel will get in a snack rotation. Rotation meaning I think; that nobody knows how long the stroopwafel will stay. The United Tweet with the announcement that the stroopwafel is returning got 2.2k likes, so we all hope that United will learn from there mistake and never remove the stroopwafel from there menu again.

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