Oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam

Oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam

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Patrick | Sunday, January 20, 2018


Wooden front house
Begijnhof 34
1012 WV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Map: Wooden front house Amsterdam

Opening times

Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Where is the oldest house in Amsterdam?

The oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam can be found in the centre of Amsterdam at 34 Begijnhof. Just behind the busy shopping street ”De Kalverstraat” and in between the Amsterdam Museum and Spui square.

The house was built in 1420 and is still standing proud. It is one of only two wooden front houses still left in Amsterdam. The other wooden building you can find at Zeedijk nr. 1.

Second oldest wooden front house in Amsterdam on the Zeedijk nr. 1. The wooden front and the windows are painted dark. This images was taken on a sunny winter morning.

Begijnhof 34

The old wooden font house is part of the Begijnhof, most of the other homes in the there were built after the 16th century.

The building of wooden houses was banned in 1522 after a couple of devastating fires in Medieval Amsterdam.

Be respectful!

Today there are still people living in the old house and the rest of the Begijnhof, so please respect their privacy. Don't go on the grass or to arias that are restricted for visitors.

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